Choosing an Engagement Ring            

EngagementChoosing an engagement ring should be an exciting and magical experience, however it can also be daunting. At Bradley Hatch Jewellers our dedicated and helpful team will strive to make sure you end up with the right ring for you.

Almost three quarters of women choose a diamond engagement ring, as diamonds are the symbol of everlasting love and universally recognised as the most beautiful precious stones in the world.  They are resilient, unchanging and known as the hardest mineral, a factor which gives them their unalterable beauty.

If choosing the ring together, enjoy the moment and take your time, why not try on different styles to see what suits you best?  Do keep in mind that eventually you will have a wedding band sitting with your engagement ring and the two will need to fit together.

If the ring is to be a surprise, then keep a note of the type of rings she points out or look in her jewellery box to get an idea of the style that she has.  Things you will need to consider are: Does she like modern or traditional jewellery? Is her preferred choice yellow gold, white gold or platinum?

It may be worth consulting with her best friend or a family member to get a better indication of the style and design she would prefer.

Choosing a ring is a very individual matter, but other factors such as budget need to be considered. Our best advice is to set or agree a budget, but be prepared to perhaps spend that little more for the perfect one.

Under the Buyers Guide, you will be able to find information on diamonds and the different qualities each precious metal has.




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