Gold is a soft metal so it is often alloyed with silver and copper to make it more durable. Many people believe that the higher the carat of gold the softer it will be, but this is not necessarily the case.  Many manufacturers now producing 18 carat gold jewellery, ensure that as the jewellery is of a higher quality, the alloy is harder wearing.

White gold is alloyed with a higher silver content. It is naturally a buttermilk colour, so is therefore rhodium plated to enchance the white colour. Over time this does wear off but can be re-plated.

Why choose gold?

- Pure gold does not tarnish with other metals, so will not leave any stains where it has been worn.

- Gold rarely causes an allergic reaction unlike some other metals.

- If you wear jewellery regularly, solid gold is very durable.

Selecting the carat

The carat determines how pure the gold is.

24ct is 100%  pure (meaning no alloy has been added)
22ct is 90%   pure
18ct is 75%   pure
12ct is 50%   pure
9ct  is 37.5% pure

Tip: If you do suffer from allergic reactions to some metals such as nickel, it is best to choose 18ct upwards, as the gold will be purer.


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