Platinum was discovered in Spain around 1590 in the rivers of Ecuador and was named ‘platina’ – ‘little silver’.  It wasn’t until 1751 that platinum’s extraordinary properties were acknowledged and it was classed as a precious metal.

As platinum jewellery is usually 95% pure, it does not fade or change colour.  Platinum’s natural colour is a greyish white, but it is often rhodium plated to make it even whiter, which makes platinum an ideal setting for diamonds, as the metal reflects their true beauty. Due to platinum’s purity it is very kind to the skin, unlike other metals; platinum does not cause allergic reactions.

Platinum is extremely durable and can be fine polished to a shine that is resistant to wear.  Working with platinum requires a high level of craftsmanship and coupled with the fact that it is rarer than gold, explains why platinum jewellery is more expensive.

Why choose platinum?

 - It is usually 95% pure.

 - It is hypoallergenic.

 - Offers the best protection and security for any gemstone.

 - It is one of the strongest and densest precious metals.

 - Non-corroding.

 - Does not tarnish.

Tip: Platinum is known for its strength and its ability to wear well over time so is a great choice if you wear your jewellery often.


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