Palladium was discovered by William Hyde Wollaston in 1803 and was named after the asteroid Pallas (named after Pallas Athena the greek goddess of wisdom), which had been discovered two years earlier. 

Palladium is a natural soft silver metal, which is usually 95% pure and unlike some metals palladium does not need rhodium plating.  Palladium tends to be used as a less expensive alternative to platinum. As like platinum it does not fade or change colour and it is an ideal setting for diamonds, as the metal reflects their true beauty. Due to palladiums purity it is very kind to the skin, unlike other metals; palladium does not cause allergic reactions.

Why choose palladium?

- It is usually 95% pure.

- It is hypoallergenic.

- Does not need rhodium plating.

- Has similar characteristics to platinum.

- It is a very strong and durable metal, which will last a lifetime.

Tip: Palladium is a good choice if you’re looking for a precious metal that is strong, durable and has similar characteristics to platinum, only less expensive.


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