Watch Servicing And Repairs

Though many fine timepieces are built to last a lifetime, watches are subject to everyday stresses like dings, magnetisation, and contact with rain or perspiration. We recommend a general inspection or battery replacement (if it’s a quartz timepiece) every year or two—as well as a full service every five years.

When serviced, your watch will be completely stripped and examined closely by our skilled watchmaker. We will test for water resistance, time-keeping and any other functionalities, and clean and lubricate the movement, to ensure it stays in perfect condition.

Unless specifically instructed not to do so, we shall carry out any other necessary repair work apart from that specified and charge accordingly.

Below are five signs that your watch may need a service:

  • There is moisture inside the case – moisture or condensation can begin to corrode parts and subsequently dry any lubrication in a matter of hours.
  • The second-hand skips several seconds – if your timepiece has a quartz movement, that means its battery operated. It is not uncommon for a second hand on a quartz movement to suddenly start skipping forward every 2-5 seconds. This kind of jumpy movement is a battery end-of-life indicator.
  • You hear a rattle inside the case, or the hands or dial seem ‘loose’
  • The watch is fast (or slow) by more than 4-6 seconds per day
  • You’re about to go on holiday – your timepiece may be exposed to all sorts of hazards: magnetisation from airport security scanners; water, salt or chlorine at the beach or pool, etc.

Please note that this service is not conducted in-store, your watch will be sent to our expert watchmaker.

Watch straps and batteries

We can replace and fit a variety of watch-straps, bracelets and batteries whilst you wait, simply visit us in-store. If your bracelet feels a little loose or tight, in many cases we can also remove or insert links to ensure that your timepiece fits perfectly.

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